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//Girl Golf Students study at The Golf College Sussex

Girl Golf Students study at The Golf College Sussex

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Girl college students study for a career in Golf.

We’ve seen some of our female students golf course performances exceed our own expectations and go beyond that. The hard work has paid off with months of training on the golf course and in the classroom. We have experienced golf instructors all successful in their own right to help you “be the best you can be” helping you succeed.

Our own PGA star Lauren Horsford studied here at the Golf College and we believe we have the best professional Golf PGA training and support to offer any female college student.

Interested in the Golf Industry?

Why not arrange to visit us at the Golf College in Sussex and speak to our golf instructors, meet with the senior management and take a look around the wonderful golf facilities we have on-site.

Our training program uses cutting edge technology in the classrooms and on the course! We analyse player swings whilst playing our own fantastic course giving instant feedback to students and our world famous coaching staff.

Technology can only take you so far, where we excel is using our experienced professional coaches to break down this data and give advice based on years of experience training professional golfers.

Here at the Golf College UK our training is second to none. Expert golf coaches, professional instruction classes using the latest golf educational equipment to ensure that you as a golf career student can “be The best you can be”.

Enquire today 01444 484467 or Register online here

About the Author:

The Golf College in West Sussex is precisely as you’d expect: expansive, ambitious and all-inclusive. For our players, we expect to help you become the best that you can be; to give you an education and a qualification you can use; and to put you on a career path in the golfing world.
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