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BTEC Diploma in Sport2018-07-27T10:37:24+00:00

Performance & Excellence

Combining Golf & Education for Your Future, the Edexcel BTEC Diploma Sport – Level 3 (Performance and Excellence) is part of our Golf Education Programme, delivering a 120-credit qualification that consists of nine mandatory units plus 4 optional units.

These BTEC qualifications in Sport are not intended to provide competence for these additional qualifications, but are aimed at providing a route and preparing learners should they proceed to take these qualifications alongside their programme of study.

Mandatory units that will be covered include:

  • Unit 1 Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport (5 credits)
  • Unit 2 The Physiology of Fitness (5 credits)
  • Unit 3 Assessing Risk in Sport (10 credits)
  • Unit 4 Fitness Training and Programming (10 credits)
  • Unit 7 Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise (10 credits)
  • Unit 11 Sports Nutrition (10 credits)
  • Unit 17 Psychology for Sports Performance (10 credits)
  • Unit 27 Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport (10 credits)
  • Unit 28 The Athlete’s Lifestyle (10 credits)

For additional UCAS points, the following units are covered during your 3rd year of BTEC Diploma Sport, or if deemed able, completed during year 1 & 2:

  • Unit 5 Sports Coaching (10 credits)
  • Unit 10 Sports Nutrition (10 credits)
  • Unit 18 Sports Injuries (10 credits)
  • Unit 19 Analysis of Sports Performance (10 credits)
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