Looking for a US Golf Scholarship?

US Golf Scholarships are available after joining the Golf College, where you’ll receive the training & education to prepare you for collegiate golf

The Golf College has been sending students to American Universities on Golf Scholarships since 2004, and having sent dozens of students to a US Golf College, we have built up good relationships with many of them.

In order to apply for a U.S. Golf Scholarship, students are advised to start looking and preparing from the age of 16, as scholarships are very competitive and a require a lot of advanced planning.

It is important that you check your eligibility for a U.S. Golf Scholarship, as this will help determine which college you could potentially attend and the level of scholarship that you could be offered.

We have teamed up with Sporting Solutions to provide our student’s with expert advice and guidance on the U.S. scholarship process.

Visit Sporting Solution’s Golf page for more information about golf scholarships in America and the eligibility criteria.