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//Spend The Cold & Wet Winter Months Under Warm Spanish Skies

Spend The Cold & Wet Winter Months Under Warm Spanish Skies

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The Golf College are pleased to announce that it is extending it’s warm weather training from 4 to 10 weeks during January, February and March!
From September 2010 our programme will now include a full 10 week term in Bont Mont on the Costa Dorada, in northern Spain.
Paul Lyons, Managing Director, has said, “The new programme represents a major step forward for the college.  We have also radically revised our core programme in order to enable our students to spend an entire term at our winter base in Bont Mont.  We are confident that with our students avoiding the English winter in its entirety, we will be able to help them accelerate their game improvement by virtue of their being in the perfect learning environment.”
In addition to the extended winter training, the Golf College have made some key additions to it’s coaching staff.  Firstly, we have brought on board Jason Gilroy as our putting coach and secondly, Matthew Ellis, who will be focussing on the psychological aspects of the game.
If you would like to know more about the college, please call Paul Lyons  on 01444 484467.
For more information on Jason and Matthew, please look at our Coaches page.

Winter Training Camp – Bon Mont Golf Club

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