Hi Paul,

I just thought I would let you know how things are going over here. I’m all settled in now, really enjoying it and the school work isn’t too hard but the amount is starting to increase. We have had 3 tournaments so far and I have played in all 3, we won our first 2 and had a 5th place in the third. In my second tournament we played against Sam Russell’s team and in our next tournament Sam’s team and Ali’s team will be there. I haven’t played as good as I can but I am holding my own within the team. My coach says he is pleased with the effort I put in and often compliments on my swing. I was wondering if you still have any videos from my time at college that you would be able to send me, I would like to compare my swing with them. I can’t thank you, Tim, Denis and Alan enough for what you have done for me for the past 2 years. I hope everything is going well with the golf college.

Thanks again

Ryan. (Student 2009 – 2011)


Hello Jeanette,

Just a quick thank you to you all for your kindness and support of Stephen during his first few weeks at the golf college. We as parents are delighted with his progress in all aspects of his learning and development, so many,many thanks to you all.

Kind regards, Di and Steve


Hi Paul,

I hope you are well and that everything is good and well back at home in Haywards Heath.

Our season has finished here already so golf has stopped for the year and nobody wants to play which is quite annoying. All I can remember is hitting balls down on the range in what ever weather and you down there with us trying to help us. I miss college back at lindfield, the work was easy, the golf was good, the teachers (well, Alan Dean) actually helped you with the work!!

I hope this year is going well and that the season has been good for everyone at the golf college. I have spoken to all the guys that have left and gone elsewhere and they seem to be doing well. Jake and Ryan in Texas, Tom with his course records, even Connor doing well and getting a scholarship to Texas as well!

I remember the guys from Florida that came back to play, Bryan Rutherford said that he missed college, and he was right. The work out here is much more than expected and I am overwhelmed as to how much we have to do over the four years.

I have enjoyed it out here though, dislikes here and there but I am living a dream.

Say hi to everyone for me at Lindfield

Speak to you soon

Ben Johnson (Student 2009 – 2011)

February 2012

The Director of Athletics at Morthland College, Illinois, has recently contacted us in regards to recruits for next year! ” The caliber of player your school produces is very impressive and I would love to get in contact with anyone who would be interested in coming to the states.”